Agents for Tsudakoma in Tamil Nadu


Tsudakoma corporation, Japan has been a pioneer in the field of weaving technology. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of looms, Tsudakoma offers a great variety of products applicable for all kinds of woven items from natural to synthetic fibre. Power Link functions as Tsudakoma agent in Tamilnadu. Products represented by us include:

ZAX001neo Air Jet Loom (click to go to manufacturer’s page)

This loom provides world leading ultra-high speed performance along with outstanding energy saving. Thanks to the newly developed robust frame structure and other components, this loom creates a benchmark for performance.

Tsudakoma’s ZAX001neo AIR JET LOOM

ZAX9200i Air Jet Loom (click to go to manufacturer’s page)

The “ZAX9200i MASTER” upgrades the high-speed ability of Tsudakoma’s best-selling air jet loom the “ZAX9100 Professional.” Tsudakoma’s i-Weave and DSS-II Direct Sub Nozzle system makes it possible to achieve high speed, energy saving and air savings.

Tsudakoma’s best-selling air jet loom

ZAX9200i-Terry Air Jet Loom (click to go to manufacturer’s page)

The ZAX9200i -Terry is the exclusive terry-weaving air jet loom from Tsudakoma. The “Versa-Terry System” which is state of the art technology of TSUDAKOMA’s terry weaving, realizes the stable weaving of high-quality towel. Air consumption was also reduced appreciably compared with the conventional model.

Tsudakoma Terry Air Jet Loom


ZW8100 Water Jet Loom (click to go to manufacturer’s page)

Tsudakoma’s water jet loom “ZW series” has enjoyed an excellent reputation as the global standard water jet loom. The new model “ZW8100” is developed by applying Tsudakoma’s long-cultivated know-how about water-jet weaving with focus on higher speed, best quality, wider versatility and higher operability.

Tsudakoma Water Jet Loom


Weaving Preparatory machines: Sizing machine and warping machine (click to go to manufacturer’s page)

T-Tech Japan Corp was founded in May, 2008, inheriting the state-of-the-art technology for preparatory machines from Tsudakoma Crop and Toyota Industries Corporation. T-Tech Japan’s products are top level performers and are ready for the dynamic market demands in preparatory machines.

Tsudakoma Sizing machine and warping machine   Tsudakoma Sizing machine and warping machine-2