Murata Machinery Ltd

Agents for Murata Machinery Limited, Japan.

Murata Machinery Limited, Japan offers state of the art innovative technology in the field of textile machinery. Power Link functions as the agent for the company in South India. Products represented by us include:


Automatic Cone Winder “Process Coner ll QPRO”

60 drums and 72 drums available on Magazine type feeding, VCF type, Bobbin Tray type and Link Coner Winder for linking with all kinds of ring spinning frame.



Drum less winder FPRO

For all kinds of yarn packages, dye, different angle of cones, cheese, different traverse lengths possible.

Murata Vortex Spinning system “MVS VORTEX lll 870”

Innovative technology to produce yarn for longer life, with low hairiness, very good moisture management and low pilling using compressed Air. To know more about vortex yarn please visit


To know more about the range of textile products or for any other queries please contact us or visit